Free Video Guides
Join the McCoy Team as we share our insider tips and tricks to help you make the most of McCoy.
Playlist 1: Introducing McCoy
  • Welcome to McCoy
  • Why Resumes Are Obsolete: The Power of Impact Evidence
  • How to Use McCoy to Practice for Job Interviews
  • Why Seasoned Professionals Should Use McCoy
  • Why College Students and Recent Grads Should Use McCoy
  • How to Showcase a Non-Traditional Background Using McCoy
  • How Use McCoy to Make a Career Transition
  • Industry Highlight: Unlocking Sales Success by Mastering Personal Connections
  • Industry Highlight: McCoy Transforms Recruiting in Law and Accounting
Playlist 2: McCoy Reel Best Practices
  • How Using Video Can Help You Get Noticed
  • How to Create a Great Introduction with McCoy
  • How to Get Unstuck and Record Your First McCoy Reel
  • Camera, Lighting, and Sound Tips Without Expensive Equipment
  • What Types of Videos Should You Record on McCoy
  • How to Use Prompts To Improve Your McCoy Reel
  • How to Know If Your McCoy Reel Is Ready to Share
Playlist 3: Building Your McCoy Reel
  • DEMO: How to Download McCoy and Create an Account
  • DEMO: How to Generate Your Profile
  • DEMO: How to Add Content to Your McCoy Reel
  • DEMO: How to Record a Video For Your McCoy Reel
  • DEMO: How to Edit Your McCoy Reel
  • DEMO: How to Edit a Talking Point (and Update Your Teleprompter Script)
Playlist 4: Sharing Your McCoy Reel
  • DEMO: How to Get Your McCoy Reel's Unique Link and QR Code to Share
  • DEMO: How to Share Your McCoy Reel on LinkedIn
  • DEMO: How to Share Your McCoy Reel in Your Resume and Job Applications
Playlist 5: AI and Targeted Reels with McCoy Pro
  • Why Subscribe to McCoy Pro
  • DEMO: How to Tailor Your McCoy Reel for Different Job Types and Companies.
  • DEMO: How to Get Someone's Attention With a Custom Message
Playlist 6: Miscellaneous Questions
  • What to Do If You Have Android
  • Will Your McCoy Reel Work Against You
Playlist 7: Future of Work
  • AI in Hiring: Efficient or Impersonal?